12 Days of Bible Journaling – The Christmas Store Day 12

Hello Everyone,

Day 12 – I did it!!!!!! Woohoo – God is good to provide when He asks you to do something!!!

Today I went back through all 11 days of journaling to recap what God had for me in this journey. Day 1: Luke 1:1-25 We are created for a purpose Day 2: Luke 1:26-38 We should be willing and submissive to complete that purpose Day 3: Luke 1:39-56 The presence of Jesus causes joy – we need Him Day 4: Luke 1:57-80 When we are filled with His Holy Spirit it causes change in us – be they type of vessel that can be filled Day 5: Luke 2:1-20 Jesus came to save all people Day 6: Luke 2:21-39 Jesus reveals what’s in our hearts to us Day 7: Luke 2:40-52 We can take all of our struggles to God Day 8: Matthew 1: 1-17 God’s grace is for everyone Day 9: Matthew 1: 18-25 We should listen to God and act on what He is telling us Day 10: Matthew 2: 1-12 Having faith in God is what saves us Day 11: Matthew 2 13-23 All prophecy was fulfilled – This story, this book is true!

When I put all of this together I see that I was created for a specific purpose, that God wants me to faithful to Him and accept Him into my heart, that He alone can save me! I also see that God grace is for everyone, He reveals our hearts to us and we must choose. When we choose Him our lives are changed, He provides for our struggles, and His joy becomes our joy! This is God’s truth, from His true book, and I must act on it! My prayer will be that I will act, that I will rely on God, that I will be a vessel that He can fill and use, and that I will be better at sharing His truths with others!

I love how God always brings things together for His good and His purpose and how He has worked in my heart over the last 12 days! My prayer is that He has worked in your heart too!

The only journaling that I added today was to write “The Christmas Story” on the 1st page of Matthew!

Thank You for taking this journey with me! I hope that God has touched your heart with His truths just like He touched mine!

Be Blessed, Mary Ann

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  1. GRETA Jones

    Oh Mary Ann this is awesome!!! I love having a devotional to read each day. Especially during this busy time of year. Thanks so much for enriching my life this Christmas season!

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