12 Days of Bible Journaling – The Christmas Story Day 11

Hello Everyone,

Wow – Day 11- Almost there! Today I am finishing up Matthew 2: 13-23 ESV. In these verses we see Joseph moving his family around, with Gods perfect direction and timing, to escape harm from King Herod. Escaping King Herod was not the main reason for the moves, even if that’s what Joseph thought! God was using this threat to move Jesus to all of the places that he needed to be so that all prophecy would be fulfilled -vs 15,17,23!

All prophecy was fulfilled!  Prophecy that had been given hundreds of years before Jesus was born was taken care of in this story. Jesus is who He says He is: The Messiah! He came to earth, to become man, to save mankind and He fulfilled all prophecy written about Him so that we can know this story, this book is true! If you have not read this story or this book I encourage you to do so! This story, this book can change your life – Jesus can save you too!

My prayer today is a prayer of praise and gratitude for God’s perfect plan! His plan for mankind, for me, for my family and friends and His grace that saves us!

In my journaling today I used a background sticker for the wording and a couple of border stickers to accent! Stickers do not always want to stick to the gesso so I needed to add extra adhesive to them. On a side note: I included the whole page so that you could see I did decide to add some color to the three kings from yesterday!

Only one more day to go in this journaling journey! Come back tomorrow and see how I pull it all together!

Be Blessed, Mary Ann


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