12 Days of Bible Journaling – The Christmas Story Day 5

Hello Everyone,

Sunday, December 16, 2018, and I am on Day 5 of my journey!  Today I have journeyed  into chapter 2! I will be looking at Luke 2: 1-20 ESV

Here we see that Mary has given birth, wrapped baby Jesus in swaddling clothes, and He is laying in a manager. Shepherds were tending their sheep nearby when an angel of the Lord appeared to them and said: “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” vs 10.

“For all the people”   Not just the chosen, or the really good ones, or the weak, needy, afflicted, but to all the people!  This good news is for everyone, and it can bring “great joy” (Day 3) to anyone!  This is the message that can change the world.  Jesus can bring great joy to anyone who willingly submits to Him (Day 2).

 I have already accepted Him into my heart, so how does this apply to me?  Well there is a whole world of “anyone” out there who need to hear the good news.  I need to be more willing to share that good news with them, just like the shepherds who “made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child” vs 17.   Their purpose (Day 1) was to see and share the good news with everyone, to be a witness.  That is my also my purpose – to share the good news!  My prayer today is that I will be better at telling anyone!!

Again, simple journaling today!  I have a retired Stampin’ Up! stamp set with this sheperd that I stamped and I underlined vs 10!  Easy peazy!!

I also wanted to share journaling that I actually did on vs 19 on Christmas, 2015!  I love that Mary “treasured up all these things pondering them in her heart”.   This heart has the things that I treasure!  

I hope this encouraged you today!  Please share your thoughts with me below!  If you would like to receive my newsletters and access to my free Resource Library just sign up below!

Be Blessed, Mary Ann

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  1. GRETA Jones

    What a beautiful reminder of what we are to do daily. Share Jesus!
    Thanks Mary Ann.

  2. BlessingsDesigned

    Thanks Greta! You shared Him wonderfully in the Christmas Program last night! Loved It!

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