12 Days of Bible Journaling – The Christmas Story Day 7

Hello Everyone,

Day 7 and the end of Luke 2!  Today I am studying vs 39-52 ESV.

Jesus is  12 years old here and his parents have taken him to Jerusalem for Passover.  When they leave to return home they assume he is with family or friends.  One day into their trip home they find he is not in the group at all! 

What a terrifying situation for any parent.  Joseph and Mary head back to Jerusalem and spend 3 frantic days looking for Jesus before they find him in the temple.  When Mary questions Jesus (rather calmly I thought) he says: “Why were you looking for me?  Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”  vs 49.  OK – at this point I would have probably come unglued!   We don’t know what Joseph and Mary said to Jesus but we do know that “And they did not understand the saying that he spoke to them”  vs 50 ESV

Being a parent is hard!!! It was hard for me, it was hard for my parent’s and it was hard for the parents of Jesus, who had the perfect child!  Here we see that once again, “…his mother treasured up all these things in her heart.” vs 51

I think she treasured these things in her heart – where God was.  I think she looked to God in knowing how to be a good parent. I think she made mistakes – and took these to God.  I think she prayed for Jesus, for Joseph and for herself, a lot!  I think that is the way that we get through this parenting thing – depending on God!

I am now a Grandparent – Mimi to two beautiful grands!  I still pray for my children, their spouses and my grands.  I still “treasure up” the things that I experience with my kids and grands, the dreams that I have for them, the concerns, the hard times, and the joy that they bring me and I pray about all of it!  I think that prayer is the best parenting tool that we have!  We should use it excessively!!!!

I started my journaling with gesso again – to prepare the page to be journaled on.  If you aren’t familier with how or why to use gesso you can access a free tutorial in my Resource Library by signing up below!   

I added the Christmas bulbs at the top to connect this 12 day study together!  I used a retired Stampin’ Up! stamp set for the family figures and I journaled my thoughts to the side!  All available supplies are listed below!

I really appreciate your time and thoughts!  Let me know what your take on parenting is!

Be Blessed, Mary Ann


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