12 Days of Bible Journaling – The Christmas Story Day 9

Hello Everyone,

Day 9!!!!!  I am so excited that I have made it this far!!!!  God is good and faithful to provide all that we need: in my case – the time and inspiration to do this!!!!

So here we go:  Today’s study is Matthew 1:18-25 ESV

I see Joseph in these verses.  We really aren’t told a lot about Joseph.  We know he was of the line of David, that he was a carpenter, betrothed to Mary.  Here I learn about Joseph, the man.  I see in vs 19 that he was a just man, in vs 20 that he was a thinking man, a man of faith in vs 24, and obedient and patient in vs 25.

If I go back to Luke 1 where I saw that we are “created for a purpose” and apply that to Joseph – wow – what a purpose to be created for!  To be the step-father to Jesus, not a biological parent, but still a strong presence in the early years of Jesus.  Joseph’s purpose was to love Mary, to provide for and protect her through the pregnancy, to love God and to provide for and protect His child in his infancy, and to love Jesus and provide for and protect Him will he was growing up.  What father’s do – they provide for and protect their children.  Joseph fulfilled that purpose!

Of course, Joseph had God’s help.  God was also providing for and protecting His son.  He provided the stable, the gifts of the wise men, instruction in where and when to go.  God also provides for His people – all that we need.  We only need to listen and act, just as Joseph did!

My prayer today will be that I listen to what God is telling me to do, really listen, and to act on what He is telling me!  I can do this with His help and like any good father, He is always there to help!

As you can see, I thought that I was finished and took the 1st picture, but after praying and rereading I went back and added “patience” to my journaling! I do this a lot – think I am finished and add something else!  God is always teaching new things!

Today I used the background stickers, washi tape, and retired Stampin’ Up! Nativity Stamp in my journaling.  The stickers and washi tape did not want to adhere to the gesso so I had to use extra adhesive on those.  Supplies are listed below!

Tomorrow on the chapter 2!  I hope you will join me!

Be Blessed, Mary Ann


Black Stampin’ Up! Marker

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  1. Greta

    Yes, I need to listen and act on what God is telling me today.
    Thanks Mary Ann

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